I’m finalizing web design flash portfolio for shazlishots.com within these few days. In the mean time, I’ve also finish 22 series of Kyle XY season 2. And now i have nothing more to watch. We’ll see.. Whats next series to download. Kyle XY just started Season 3 last week. I kept playing this song now.. It’s a song from Kyle XY series.

Shawn Hlookoff – She Could Be You

Oh, how am I supposed to work while watching my favorites tv show? Dual display helps a lot actually. I can simply drag my media player to another screen while working on Photoshop or Dreamweaver on the main monitor. I discover this method few years a go but didn’t got enough monitors to use. But then last year my primary monitor dissapointed me. I pay a few hunderds buck to get a Samsung SyncMaster 997MB flat tft. Its works wonder! the brightness, high contrast, flat and sharp helps me to get better results on what I’m doing. I never bother to buy expensive LCD now since this big screen give me better colors than cheap LCD.

Shazlishots.com gonna be online portfolio for Shazli Sapardin, a friend of mine from Klang, Selangor. He has been working so hard on wedding photography since 4 to 5 years a go. Most of his photo are excellent! I adore his works. He travel all across the country for wedding photo shoot. Shazli experts in portraiture, landscape and events photography. I believe some of you might interested to see his works. Just drop by www.shazlishots.com for portfolio or visit his daily digest blog at http://blog.shazlishoots.com. He also own a Flickr account which have been storage for his digital image since 2007.

Here’s some preview of shazlishots.com portfolio page.

Shazli's Shots

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Azam: Safril pun berminat nmpak gayanya

Razali: Wow laju kau. Aku tak siap type lagi dah komen. Kalau dia berminat aku dah kena prepare layout lah.

areteam: Congrats~ smart geng design ko... salutttss

Razali: Gambar tu yang jadikan smart sebenarnye.

aloy: wow..photoblog sgt cantik..dan yg penting laju utk load gambr..

Razali: His portfolio actually..

fizi: sy pun nk belajar gk buat laman web......amcm blh

Razali: Buleh saja... Asal ada passion.

hadzril: salam bro....sye btul2 brmnat nk main cmere ni...blh bro tlg ajarkn x....

Amay Hamidi: Bro, Kalau guna Blogspot, boleh buat besar2 juga ke..? Please review http://www.myweddingmoment.com samada boleh atau tak..Thanks..

Corner Cabinet ยท: my sister loves to watch Kyle XY, she thinks kyle is super handsome guy "

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