I’ve registered Focus Media Technology on Ramadhan last year. I registered www.focusmedia.my few months later. But it launch today! Feb 14 2009. It consist few sections of basic info, latest project, services & contact form.

Focus Media Technology

Love At The Gate – Full House OST

I spent the whole night thinking of arrangement, designing interface, inserting portfolio and choosing theme song. It is fully Flash and XML generated. I’m happy with it..

Time for some nap.. Later.. zZzzzZZzzz

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eshazli: Tahniah...kepada Focusmedia atas pelancarannya... Saya suka interfacenya, simple, creative design & layout dan yg penting user friendly.. ps/- suka typeface yg digunakan..nampak exclusive & elegant..

Razali: Guna font Anivers tu. Thanks for your appreciations bang!

Azam: Seriously sgt cantik, music tu pun sesuai dgn tema.

Weilian: Congratulations. Great work indeed.

areteam: great work beb~!!

Razali: Manjang failed je aku komen kat blog kau. Ape tah masalah captcha text kau. Ape pun koleksi gambar2 D70 ko cun lah. Cayalah tim.

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