Hany+Hafiz Wedding

December 14, 2009 | 9 Comments »

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The Solemnization of
Hani & Hafiz
Taman Broleh, Batu Pahat
13 December 2009

The Wedding of Hany & Hafiz held at Taman Beroleh, Batu Pahat on 13 of Dec ’09. Outdoor portraiture at Sawah Sagil Ayer Hitam by Mohd Razali, Heroes Photowork.

Getting Ready
Hany Make Up
Signing Agreement of Life
Suami & Isteri
Gelang Ikatan
Renjisan Air Mawar
Family Members
Makan Beradab
Kek Kena Hidung
Sandarkan Harapan
Duduk Bersama
Jalan Bersama
Perodua MyVi SE JKG9758

Pakej Fotografi Mohd Razali 2010

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Azam: siap video dah, best best

Apai Biszign: fuhhh memang hebats

bisz: uhuhuhuh beshnye gambo2 ko sifuk!

nurul: cun gmbo2 tu n best video..kene je rs..tabik la :D

nor: best giler ar video....i love the song!!! lagu sape ni eh...=D

adeq: gambar 1 & 5 mcm blur sikit.tp xtaula mybe skrin monitor aku problem ke ape.anda penilainya..tone color kne jg2 sikit.kalau edit gambar jgn smpai terubah warna asal.gambar untuk pro photographer adalah gambar yg asli.tp gambar yg last tu ok...

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