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Click HERE for photos of Solemnization Kapten Wady & Shazz

This is my first time shooting a formal uniform wedding. It is fun yet challenging without proper instruction on what I should do next. But I rather say it is most precious wedding I ever shoot. I also met Azlina & Arman on that wedding, surprisingly Arman is one of the TUDM members who accompanying Kapten Roswady reception. Home decorations was finished by all the macik² of Shazz, Anil, and andaman Kak Chomel. Make up done by Selasih Bridal.

I was accompanied by Zulfadli & Akmal that day. The event is simple but happening with guest from different ethnics. Kapten Roswady’s Family came all the way from Sungai Petani to celebrate their sons wedding.

The Reception of Kapten Roswady & Nur Ainyshazleen
5th of December 2009

17, Lot 7433 Jalan Pimping
Kg Dato Abd Rahman Yaassin,
Kluang, Johor.

Shazz Getting ready
I'm Ready!
Kapten Roswady Berarak
Maksu Gelak Sakan
Kissing The Flower Girl
All The Family
The Brides - Wady & Shazz
Happily Ever After
Dearly Princess
Kiss You Tenderly
The Siblings
Shazz & Kapten Wady
Shazz & Kapten Wady
The Joy Of Being Married
Forever & Ever

Pakej Fotografi Mohd Razali 2010

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Che Awel: Wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Santeeeekkkkkkkkkk! Cis. Jeles betul. Cis and Dabel Cis Beger.

mimi: sangat la dan amatlah cantek!!!!!superb....

achmal: ini memang gile kentang~ hehehe sumenye cantik2 belaka

anil lutaze: ah!! aku terpesona...encik aie yg hensem belaka...apekah kiranya incik aie berbuat kebajikan iaitu, mengemailkan pic daku sdg setup meja...alala...charge msok hrga pakej shaz k...hahahaha

Razali: @Che Awel: Kami menantikan kepulangan korang berdua ye.
@mimi: Oh kaki gunung berlumut cantik tak? Kita shoot sane pulak nanti.
@Mal: Kentang goleng pon cantik.
@Anil: Okeh gambar2 bukti dah dihantar puan Anil!

Mari: Hi! I´m Mari from Estonia. I readed book named "Once i was a princess" by Jacqueline Pascarl and after that started search in internet something about Malaysia. I discovered once your wedding photos and time after time i´m come back to see them again. I like Malaisian wedding tradition, clothes, people etc. It´s soooooo different compare Estonian´s tradition´s. I like your photos...they are very beautiful and good. I like the way how you can see the detail´s. Wish you best! Mari

shazleen: hahaha..sian kt awk. sorry lah tak kasik briefing arituh, sbb saye pon dah kelam-kabut jugak. hikhiks. anyway, thanks to u & mal~!! cant wait to see the album. :)

Razali: @Mari: Warm greeting from Malaysia! Thanks anyway for visiting my blog. A few photos of Shahirah were in my blog actually. She was a good friend of my client.
@Puan Shazz: Hihi.. Wait ya, I'll prepare your album as fast as I can.

azmi ezmel: outdoor photos besh !

xaxias: TAK TERKATE!!

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